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Scratches on our car…

Trip to vellore…

The drive is very interesting, relaxing and soothing for the eyes.. as you also get to enjoy some scenic beauty. I enjoyed every bit of it since i was the navigator and my hubby dear was doing all the driving. We started by around 7.30am , could escape some of the Bangalore traffic and reached the destination by around 12PM, not bad, covered 220 kms in 4.5 hrs. We just had one major stop at the woody’s and few other 5 minute stops to streach our legs.

The road is pretty good and we could maintain a speed of 100km/hr for quite some kms. Our return trip was on sunday morning once we had completed our work there.

We planned to start at 7.30am,and did manage to get ready in time. Checked out of the hotel and was just about to start driving, when a young chap passed by our car( which was still in the parking) and while passing by, scratched the front of the car ( we have a Santro – forest dew shade) using a key in his hand.Oops the car was scratched, a deep scratch almost 10-12 inches long….the guy just continued his casual strides as though nothing has happened…we always find scratches on the car and wonder how such scratches appear, i guess this is one of them…

My usually calm better half went bonkers and lost his cool… caught hold of the guy, questioned him, called his manager and complaint…but the harm was anyway done, and he was in no position to pay us or anything. My gut feeling is that the guy just didn’t do it with any intention of bring harm to our car, it was an involuntary action of his, which caused the harm.

After all the argument, we started late by an hour from Vellore. On the way back we stopped to buy a big mud pot for decoration of our home and also bought small pots so that I can put my creativity at play.Also had our usual stop at Woody’s for lunch, and was home around 2.30pm after a relaxed drive…..

The car has scratches on so many other places as well…could be some confused, frustated passer by’s we did witness the culprit… but not always. Will I ever find the answer as to why people take such involuntary actions on a property that is not theirs… I guess this is just a tiny part of all those unanswered questions on behaviour that leads to different forms of crime that occur around us….

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This is the first time I am blogging…. thought we can use this option to pen down our thoughts, opinion and interesting incidents in our life.

About us, we both are from central kerala, kochi. Met during our post graduation, and very soon became inseparable. We got married in 2002, have been based in Bangalore since then. I am a very energetic and fun loving person.. and my hubby, a very calm and charming fellow..who is the ultimate example of patience and love.

We have quite a number of close friends in Bangalore. Weekends we usually spend time with visiting friends watching movies and completing the routine chores. Weekdays are busy with office and navigating through Bangalore traffic.

Our dream is to return back to Kerala, built a home there and retire early in life.

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