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Vishu Sadhya

I agree this is a delayed post… have been thinking of penning this since Vishu day..

This Vishu we were at Bangalore(Mostly all Vishu’s we are at our B’lore home ;-)) and I felt like having a Vishu sadhya without going through the trouble of preparing one. In today’s commercial world.. everything is said to be available as a package, so why not one Sadhya package?.

On 15th April, at 12pm we both decided to checkout the local kerala restaurants to see who would provide the best Sadhya. Since we are put up near Koramangala, we had plans to check out only the ones in and around Koramanagala.

Visited Kairali and was surprised, rather disappointed to hear from them that they did not have a special sadhya on that day!….They clearly said that they have sadhya only during Onam!… With such strong malayaale population in Blore… Kairali(one of the most popular malayalee food joint in koramnagala area) deciding not to provide a vishu sadhya! may be all malayalees have gone back home to Kerala to celebrate vishu with family.. or may be like my friend said, they all must be at home sipping coffee and contemplating the meaning of festivals like Vishu in their life!

So we decided why not try out a better restaurant ( Kairali falls in the category of mess).. and reached coconut groove…I have once had a not so bad Onam sadhya there and was sure they will have a Vishu Sadhya!.. Walked in to find that waiters in coconut groove seemed surprised that people are entering their hotel… it was so desolated..seemed like they no longer have customers or business. When I asked the hotel guy if they have a special sadhya arranged.. he didnt seem to understand what I was talking about… .so we decided it makes sense to walk out before we too loose our sense..

My craving for Sadhya was slowly getting satiated by the process of finding one! Had regular lunch from one of the hotels and got back home to enjoy a bowl of homemade delicious semia payasam.

While relishing the sweet, I pondered on “why Bangalore, a place filled with a huge population of malayalees was not celebrating the new year?” .. that too the new year for so many states! Probably the definition of festivals and celebrations is also changing as time passes!

May 8, 2007 - Posted by | Visheshangal

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