One life to love

Creativity series – 5

A colourful pot.Green leaves.Blue and Brown backgrop.Flowers in Red and Rose.

More like life…

thorns on the way..
different shades..
and fruits in different colours..

This is my first Oil painting…. initiated with help from my cousin Aparna… The above words were contributed by my friend Ranjith.

PS: Oil painting is the process of painting with pigments that bound with medium of drying oil. I have just begun.. have a long way to go and lots to explore…
My friend had volunteered to photograph the painting, but usual me , impatient to delay the post. So I will replace this with a better snap once it is done.


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Creativity Series – 4 ( Silk Painting)

This is my first venture into painting on Silk using water based silk color. Its difficult to manage the paint, took some time to get used to handling the paints behavior on silk.

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