One life to love

The year that was!

It was a very eventful year that passed by. I would not say that it was totally great…of course there were lots of lessons learnt… and the best part was all the attention I got.

Ok let me stop the vague statements and get to the facts. The past 12-15 months have been the time of my life when lot of attention had to be given to my health and my dear ones ended up getting worried for me.

Ok, to put things short , it all started with a simple occupational disease called superficial thrombosis in June 2006, which after few months of caring in turn lead to Deep vein thrombosis which was caught because I developed breathlessness- pulmonary embolism, which is the fatal state of DVT, lucky me that it was detected in time and I was treated properly to recover fine out of that. Then the months that followed were hell with the hassle of tackling the side effects of the medications being taken. Had another mild attack of PE after 7 months, which also lead to pulmonary hypertension, another hassle…. finally, thought the end of these incidents would happen and things would settle down with a surgery, so went ahead and had that in August 2007. When things seemed to finally get well and I was moving fast in the path of recovery, came the day when I developed an unnecessary, freak ailment, some infection in the brain (nothing too serious luckily) which lead to headache and which in turn lead to another few months of hassle of some more medication and care…Now hoping that this would be the end to all the lows. It all started with a minor ailment, so I am hoping that with this minor ailment, things would finally settle down and so I am compiling the lessons learnt from the past year.:)

Luckily I see the positive and am filled with hope, so each time something goes wrong, I think “ok this is the final one and I will be fine going forward….ha ha ha”

Lessons learnt.

1) Look only at the positives of incidents in life.And take all comments from others in the form of compliments and good wishes only, ignore the rest. Never let others push in negative energy into us.

2) On falling sick, talk to people and do all the ground work to understand the situation ( from the net and from others experiences) so that we are well equipped to talk to our physicians and get them to think better for our benefit.

3) Of course talk to people and request them to do positive prayers for our speedy recovery. The positive energy from our well wishers is the best form of good wishes for us.

4) Keep a close tab on the treatment being provided at the hospital and keep clarifying each step taken by the physician, since we have had experiences of physician being careless and forgetting our history while deciding the treatment.

5)Try to keep your hobbies near you, be it watching movies on DVD or on TV, surfing the net, blogging, reading books, reading blogs, mailing friends, chatting with friends over the phone and keep self engaged with the energy level we have. Do not overdo, continue your favorite activities on a slow pace. This might be the time to explore the long dreamt of past-time of painting, trying out new simple recipes, watching the programs that you wanted to always and so on.

6) Keep your mind free of worries and upsetting environmental conditions. For every person the worry factor might be due different reasons, understand yours and work around that…

7) I was also lucky to have so many dear friends and well-wishers who were always there to cheer me up in all possible ways by visiting me regularly, gifting me, cooking for me, calling me to enquire and passing good wishes.

8) I also got to meet many new, interesting, loving and helpful people who have made a difference in our life with their unconditional support and love and whom I cherish being acquainted with.

9) Finally pray and hope that everyone is lucky like me to find a sweet companion who would be there with me all the time to take care and support during the bad times.. My sweetheart was always near me when I needed him and he made sure that I got all the rest I needed…

I doubt if I would come out of all this as a lazy bum…hope not. All the inactivity during the past many months have made me slightly lazier, no doubt… 🙂

September 10, 2007 - Posted by | Visheshangal

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