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The Kitchen Window

We have a small kitchen window which required a curtain… it’s been requiring one since the past few years. It never happened because we never got a curtain rod fixed for this window in the first place and getting a carpenter at a later point of time is difficult. So we managed by hanging some cloth there which is so boring. Another important reason for needing a curtain for this window was to block the curious onlookers of the neighboring apartments from peeping into our home. One fine day an idea clicked in my mind and I took it up as a project to stitch a curtain which could be temporarily hung on the window rod.

This curtain was done using an old dresses shawl and that too without a sewing machine to work with, it is a tedious task. My sweetheart has plans to gift me a sewing machine sooner or later 🙂 after which such tasks would be cool. I have stitched 5 tags which slide through buttons on the back (not seen in this snap) to be used to fasten the curtain at any position. This could later be used to move the curtain on to a rod. BTW today a carpenter is coming over to fix a curtain rod for this window.:) How do you like the fabric paint applied on the top portion of this curtain?. This had to be done to distract attention from the poor hand stitching that has taken place here. Then the small paper cuttings fixed on this are just temporary craze on mine to give a theme to the curtain.

The curtain came out well in terms of measurements and finish. 🙂 Overall I was very happy with the outcome!!!

September 25, 2007 - Posted by | Art work

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  1. Thatz a neat one! I know that it is some time now that I had peeped to this side – Way to go

    Comment by Santu | October 10, 2007 | Reply

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