One life to love

Another New Begining

Every day is a new begining.

I start every day with some promises to self..

-Not to be judgemental in my thoughts and actions
-Accept each moment as it is
-Be receptive to change and new ideas
-Be a good listener

and so on….

Last week we celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniverserry.Its been 10 years since we met, we met during our PG at CUSAT , SMS and its been 5 years since we tied the knot and took vows to spend the rest of our life together. Its been so many great years of togetherness… I have grown to a better person in these years..

This year we conducted a “Purakuthasha” on the day of our anniverserry. It is a half an hour ceremony. This is how the father explained this ceremony called Purakuthasha ( aka “blessing the house” ). When a christian visits the church for the weekly kurbana and prays, he is cleared of all the sins and his mind or conscience is purified to make him a better person, but the house where he stays cannot go over to the church and attend kurbana. So the father visits our home and bless the house, so that the house is purified and everyone who visits the house gets a feeling of relief and happiness and goes away from our home with a good feeling.

I strongly believe that if there is positive energy in our home, then everyone will have a good feeling and relief by visiting us.. then ofcourse such ceremonies which are conducted by various religions in its own ways with its own names, does help the inhabitants mind fill with positive energy which in turn will bring positive vibrations to our abode.

God bless our home and help us spread happiness to all!


November 2, 2007 - Posted by | Visheshangal

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