One life to love

The model in him

Do you recognise the chap in the advt below ?

It happened a couple of years back. A good friend of ours who is into freelance web-designing wanted a model for some product pamphlet that he was designing for a client. He had asked my buddy and sweetheart to help him out.. intially the plan was to just capture a snap of his hand holding the product.. but I guess finally the model also impressed the designer and ho..ahhh.. his snap also appeared in the pamphlet…

We happened to stop by at the office of our friend few days back and he gave us a copy of the final pamphlet and we scanned the same to circulate amoung our friends the modelling adventured of my sweetheart…

To be frank I was not happy with the costume that he wore for this shot.. but still was very much impressed by the whole concept of having modelled for an actual product.. 🙂 The shot of P’s masculine hand holding the device came out damn well!


November 2, 2007 - Posted by | Visheshangal

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