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In the Lap of Nature

Just check out this snap. It’s a beautiful sight isn’t it?

This was the view from the balcony of the cottage we stayed while at Kurumba village resorts in Conoor. It was a breathtaking view and it was a pleasure to wake up in the morning and enjoy this sight while sipping coffee.

I could feel all the stress from the hectic life in Bangalore melt away while relaxing in the balcony watching the greenery all around and listening to the chirping of birds around. It was good to be away from the hustle of Bangalore, away from the traffic jams and traffic noise….listening to the music of nature.

This Diwali long weekend we had been to this resort for a 2 nights stay. The drive was a pleasure due to many reasons – excellent driver friend who maneuvered the car smoothly along the hairpin turns up and down the hilly roads, the company of good friends, the pleasant chill at the hill station and the breathtaking views we passed.

The moment we reached there, we realized that the long drive was worthwhile because of the breathtaking sight around. The food was pretty descent. Another highlight of the resort is the nice pool filled with chlorine free water. Check out their website ( for more snaps/details of the place. I am sure that we would be going back to this place once again with in a year.

November 22, 2007 - Posted by | Visheshangal

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