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Two good movies

Last week we saw 2 good movies back to back.

Road to Perdition – Starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig etc.

A nice movie and if I put it in my cousins words “A movie with many layers”. It was an interesting movie which showed the emotions of a father protecting his son from entering into the mafia world. A story narrated by a son,about his life experiences and about his relation with his father.

Rendition – Starring Meryl Streep, Omar Metwally, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal etc.

A good movie. Rendition is a movie based on the extraordinary rendition by CIA based on which a suspect is deported to a secret detention facility outside US in order to extract information. After the terrorist attack on the twin towers it is believed that there has been many similar cases.

This movie is well taken intertwining scenes from two time spans… and we come to know of this only in the end of the movie. There are many characters around which the story revolves – the plight of a pregnant women fighting to get information about his missing Egyptian husband who was on the flight back home, though all the information has been erased.A friend who is trying his best to find information of his missing friend. A father who is searching for his missing daughter. A US official who is forced to be part of the torture procedures. A terrorist who fights for the cause he believes in. A girl who is caught between her terrorist boy friend and her strict father. A senior US official who signs the proceedings of the deportation and torture.

Note: All the comments are my personal opinion and I do not guarantee it to be correct. Please read the review at your own risk.

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The sound of Boot

Sounds like an interesting title isn’t it?.. yes this is the name of the lastest Suresh Gopi starring release, directed by Shaji Kailas.

After a long time, we made this trip to PVR to watch a malayalam movie. My sweetheart loves malayalam movies, anything other than the non-commercial type movies and when he heard that this one is released he was busy selling it to me for a weekend outing. I love to make him happy and so we went on saturday morning and booked the ticket for the same day evening 7.30 show. BTW did you guys know that they have a movie ticket vending machine at PVR.. cool ..not bad.. just select the movie, the seat and swipe the card and spat comes out the ticket… cool isn’t it.

After a long nap.. i rather not call that nap.. a long sleep in the evening, we got ready for going to the movie. Since the past few days Bangalore has been cloudy and cool, and rain began the same time we left our was raining cats and dogs and I love going out in rain, provided I am not getting wet in any dirty muddy water.. and this was one such outing.. we strategically took the far off gate to enter Forum, just in case the other one was closed since the parking could be full. We got a good parking and reached for the movie well ahead in time though the drive took long cause of the extra traffic jam due to rain.

While waiting for the movie to begin, we got to meet our college friends.. so the movie trip was even better fun, chatting up with them for long time before and after the movie.

Now getting on to the story.. It was a “so so” types… a typcial homicide investigation types…. better when compared to some other recent movies of Suresh Gopi. I hate movies with rape and violence on women, so I disliked this movie just for that aspect.. otherwise it was an ok types.. if lucky this movie would break even in terms of profits in the market.

Overall a very nice saturday night. We got back home and watched “Namaste London” VCD and dosed off…..I just love weekends.

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