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Hate list

This is the first time I am being tagged by a friend. These days I had been too busy with other things to take some time off and visit my blog, so it was good to be tagged by Santhosh because it forced me to spent some time thinking… this is going to be tough and would take time to complete this post.

I spent some time putting together things/situations I hate/dislike …some situations that makes me sad…and realised that it was not what I was tagged to do, I was tagged to list the people I let me start all over.

1)Terrorists and Criminals – Anyone who does physical or emotional harm to the mankind by means of violence or harassment. I do pity people who are having mental problems because cause of which they have behavioral issues, however anyone causing harm to rest of the mankind should be taken care of.

2) Religious Fanatics – People who comment on another persons religion or religious sentiments. No one has rights to claim that theirs is the right approach or impose their believes on others. The people who come in the way and do all the dirty tricks to make the life miserable for the people who marry against/outside family.

3) Unhealthy competitors – People who are not team players and concentrate on unhealthy competition which would lead to a cold war instead of talking and resolving the issues in a win win manner with the final goal in mind.

4)Snobish/moody people – I have come across few kinds of people in whose presence I feel uncomfortable.People who are insane and puposly hurt others with dirty comments or makes me uncomfortable by being silent and indifferent with their own reason, without giving an explaination.

5) …….

Initially I thought I would not hate anyone.. afterall hate is bit strong a word to express the feeling I have for the various kinds of people listed above.. I would rather say I dislike them…..thought for long, however can’t come up with one more point…so that is it.

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