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Onam this year..

I know I have been lazy and inactive… I started many posts however never completed any of them… had been busy in the past few months..

Another Independance day came and went, I did not even sit back and think of the significance of independance in the current situation of terror attacks. However there was one significance for the independance day this year. I decided to take a break from work and relax and my break began on this independance day. Surprisingly I did not feel any pinch on my work life coming to a stop( even though it is only for a while), which means I needed this break. Hoping to do some good value add during this break.

This time I spent Onam with folks at my home. This was not a planned vacation, just happened because my husband had to be away on work and I could not be on my own at our house. So right now I am having a good break at my native with folks. I will gradually get into action on the blogging front also.

So Onam was spent with a nice onam sadhya on plantain leaf, with many dishes and a great payasam as dessert. Also my mom bought me new dress.

To understand more about Onam – the nationl festival of Kerala, please visit this link.

September 14, 2008 - Posted by | Visheshangal

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