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Reality shows – A perspective!

Reality shows is the recent fad in television. My parents are hooked to such shows during the evenings. Many of these are music competition based. I have taken a hatred for these because I always have to bear with these programs running in the background during the evenings. None of the audience has a least bit of interest or knowledge of music and watches this program with interest and makes counter comments on what the judges say. They show is capturing interest of people, not for the talent being showcased but for the emotions of the participants and the judges being put on display.

Most of the formats came from the shows in US and UK, which was gradually adapted by the national network channels and then slowly the regional channels follow suit. There are various kind of shows – music, dance, family music, comedy, are you smarter than 5th grader, big brother or its Indian version of Big Boss… the list goes on.

In a way I feel that these are much better than soaps that were popular till recent past. The soaps used to show weird stories of sibling rivalry, infidelity and other domestic issues, affairs and so on which I feel is a bad influence to the public. There is also one more reason I feel , that makes these shows successful. The older generations are mostly on their own, with kids married and settled in far off places, without any serious activities to keep them engaged… and these TV programs come to their rescue keeping them hooked day after day.

We also have a news channel which keeps talking about the programs running on various channels and I happen to hear in this news channel that big boss is becoming a showcase of obscenity.. And what more do I have to hear, I made sure I saw that day’s big boss episode. Big boss is a big drama staged with the name of reality show. The scenes shown were that of cuddling and hugging of the participants, scene of participants in pool etc. People are inspired to see this because they are advertised with the label of reality show though we all know that there is an amount of planning and masala build into these shows.

What I realised after penning my thoughts is that these reality shows are in various formats to cover the interest of various range of people and if I browse through the channels I will also come across few shows that I would not mind being hooked to.

Guess currently I am better off now with my habit of watching movies and programs on ‘travel and living’ channel, rather than reality shows!

October 1, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion

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