One life to love

Nature Cure

That is the typical naturopathy lunch as provided at Cardinal Padiyara Nature Cure & Yoga Ashram. The major portion of the lunch is that of salads and vegetables of different type provided along with rice or ragi putt.

Yes, I spent 15 days at Nature Cure in order to shift to a healthier diet and lifestyle. I am putting to practice the new lifestyle to a great extend. Now I do 1 hr of yoga daily. I have stopped the intake of tea or coffee. I have shifted to a mainly vegetarian diet without sugar and minimal fat. I also do not take any junk food or bakery items. I have also increased the intake of fruits. It is overall a good change and feeling good about it. It will take some more months to see if all these positive changes lead to a drastic positive change in my life.

November 14, 2008 - Posted by | Visheshangal

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