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What can we do about it?

This year has been bad with increasing terror attacks. Today’s Mumbai attack came as a shock because it clearly indicates the increasing power, access to ammunitions and the new strategy being adopted. Earlier we heard about terror attacks with suicide bombs and explosions. Now we are hearing about terrorists that too mostly kids in the age group of 20-22 attacking a place and shooting people point-blank mercilessly.

Are we talking about all this happenings in our country which was proudly declared as a secular nation? What has happened to our youth? We have a long history of peaceful co existence. All the tolerance and non-violence that was part of us has dissolved? The entire basis for these terror attacks of different forms has its beginning from some religion. Were the religions not meant to teach the people to be good human beings? There are some evil forces working behind all these. The forces do not understand the value of life. They just see their own profit in mind under the umbrella of their religion.

The movie “Daivanamathil” shows how easily the youth of today can be influenced and poisoned with revenge. We need to make our new generations stronger and matured, so that they do not easily fall prey to such evil forces, before it is too late.

How will we do that?

Mahatma Gandhi said that all religions teach goodness and non-violence. I am not much studied on various religions; however I am sure that ancient scriptures and holy books will only teach honesty, tolerance, forgiveness and service mindedness.
Things that I feel needs to be done are:-

1)One is the tip of the iceberg which is to fight the violence, eradicate the worms in the society who are fully polluted and save the innocent people who are held hostages.

2)Other is the tougher, strategic and patient task which can only be done with people with immense passion like Mahatma. Teach our youth about non-violence using the power of pen and speech, so that our youth are not polluted by the evil forces. Our so called Secular (separated from religion) government should work towards reaching out to the confused and violent forces and help them to get back to the path of non-violence with or without the help of the various religious groups. They should be supported and settled in to a life and inspired to earn their bread and butter by hard work instead of taking the wrong path of easy money.

Also, religious groups should have the awakening to differentiate between business and religion and not to make religion their business.

Who will do it?

Each of us has a role to play in our own way for this change. Recognise how one can contribute to this change and do not be hesitant to take that step, be it by making a movie to reach out to the masses, by teaching the right things to the new generation or by helping the needy.

I dream of a terror free nation.

November 27, 2008 - Posted by | Opinion

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