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Embroidered Saree

all my M-I-L's work

all my M-I-L's work

My Mom-in-law is a creative person who does lots of embroidary and cross stitch. last time when I was at native, I shot snaps of many of the saree’s with her work…. below is a snapshot of them all.

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Writer’s block

Since the past many days I have not posted anything on my blogs. My conclusion is that I am going through a writer’s block. a block in creative outflow of ideas or thoughts … Hope to come out of this soon and become active in blogging.

Or is it because i am busy with other activities? Days pass so quickly with me busy with my usual activities. I have also begun stitching some embroidary on saree’s.

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My Resolution for year 2009

I have only one resolution for this year.. and that is to learn swimming.

Most of the other habits/goals I would like to incorporate/achieve in life, I am already following… small things like exercise regularly, keeping of accounts on spending, keeping house clean etc… ha ha ha.. am not bad. So I thought I should focus of try to enrol for some swimming course.

I realise that it is not going to be an easy goal. The reasons being… in order to enrol for a swimming course we need to identify a really good swimming pool where hygiene and safety is of highest priority. My hubby is very clear that if a course in swimming would lead to falling sick due to water born viruses or exposure to cold, then it is not worth learning swimming. If I can find a female companion to join me in this venture, then I would feel more positive towards achieving it.

Let me begin my ground work on identifying a good facility with hope and prayers that before the end of 2009 I would be comfortable in swimming.

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Twenty 20

Onam 2008 saw the release of a superhit malayalam movie which was packed with all the superstars of malayalam “Twenty Twenty”. This movie was produced by Dileeep and I hear that 1 crore from the profits get contributed too “AMMA” and also that all the actors from the malayalam film industry who belong to “AMMA” were part of the movie for free.

I loved the movie. Saw it in Nov 2008. We went to watch it with my uncle and wife and daughter at the kothamangalam theater. There is this new theater there which never existed during my college days. This theater has got posh seats and good AC. Overall the entire movie was a great experience but for the fact that we missed few initial minutes of the movie as we were late in getting seated.

Mamooty and Mohanlal are the star attractions in the movie and they both have done their role so well…no one can beat them when it comes to acting. They both look so glamorous for their age. I also liked many other characters like Swaraj Venaramood, Jagathi, Innocent, Kavya Madhavan, Dileep, jayaram, Sureshgopi etc. The comedy, the twist in the story and the competition between Mamooty , Mohanlal and SureshGopi etc keep the fans at the edge of their seat.

I got one more chance to watch this movie in Dec 2008. This time with my hubby and his family. We all went to Muvatupuzha theater, I think its name is Issacs. Once again enjoyed watching all my favorite actors on screen.

Check out more details here

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