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Yippeee… i learnt swimming!

It was my resolution for 2009, which I could not keep.. however in 2010 i could learn swimming.

In june of 2010 I met my friends who inspired me a lot to learn swimming and at the same time I received some pamphlet advts of swimming courses., so I got out in search of some places with swimming classes near my locality and to my luck I found one pretty close to my home, which is just 10 minutes walk from my home. I enrolled and got myself the required gear. The classes were from 7.15 to 8.15 am which made sure that my routine job was not affected.

The class was fun , and I was joined by some enthusiastic lady students.. we learnt to float and do some swimming by holding our breathe in just 3 days… and then it was just a matter of practice and learning to breath at the right time. The back stroke is my favourite since I do not have to worry about my breathing. My legs easily ached when I try to cover the length of the pool.. I think I need to practice a lot to improve my stamina….I think its due to the clotting that happened in my legs and foot during my DVT episode that my legs have poor stamina… even now if I exert it aches as though they blood vessels in my leg is not getting enough oxygen.

I still have to practice a lot to become a descent swimmer, I know to do free style and back stroke, I have tried to learn breast stroke but not yet got the rhythm of it.. when I go to the pool ( i use my friends club membership and go to a nearby pool) and see small kids swimming so smoothly like fishes I am awestruck.. they do it so well….I wish I had learnt swimming when I was younger…but then it’s not good to crib over the past, it’s better to live the present and enjoy the future..

My hubby swims but in the conventional way, not the professional way.. so he keeps his nose above the water at all times and his capacity is poor, he doesn’t have the stamina to cover much.. my next agenda is to teach him swimming.. it’s not an easy task since he is very paranoid of hygiene and its difficult for him to find a good pool as per his standards..I will teach him soon…

Love u a lot my dear, you encouraged me to learn swimming and I am glad I finally I wanna see you swim well as well..!

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