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Twenty 20

Onam 2008 saw the release of a superhit malayalam movie which was packed with all the superstars of malayalam “Twenty Twenty”. This movie was produced by Dileeep and I hear that 1 crore from the profits get contributed too “AMMA” and also that all the actors from the malayalam film industry who belong to “AMMA” were part of the movie for free.

I loved the movie. Saw it in Nov 2008. We went to watch it with my uncle and wife and daughter at the kothamangalam theater. There is this new theater there which never existed during my college days. This theater has got posh seats and good AC. Overall the entire movie was a great experience but for the fact that we missed few initial minutes of the movie as we were late in getting seated.

Mamooty and Mohanlal are the star attractions in the movie and they both have done their role so well…no one can beat them when it comes to acting. They both look so glamorous for their age. I also liked many other characters like Swaraj Venaramood, Jagathi, Innocent, Kavya Madhavan, Dileep, jayaram, Sureshgopi etc. The comedy, the twist in the story and the competition between Mamooty , Mohanlal and SureshGopi etc keep the fans at the edge of their seat.

I got one more chance to watch this movie in Dec 2008. This time with my hubby and his family. We all went to Muvatupuzha theater, I think its name is Issacs. Once again enjoyed watching all my favorite actors on screen.

Check out more details here

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A beautiful movie worth watching with a touching Oscar winning performance by Tom Hanks.

I am on a movie watching spree and the way this movie was made and the performance by Tom Hanks impressed me a lot. It is visible that Tom Hanks has lost a lot of weight for the movie which suits the role. The gay relationship is also beautifully portrayed. I also loved the role played by Densel Washington and Antonia Benderas.

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In the Valley of Elah

Another nice evening spent watching a touching movie. An academy award nominated movie of 2007.

This movie is based on true events and revolves around Iraq war, military crimes and life of soldiers and the post-traumatic stress disorder following active combat.

You can read more about this movie in wikipedia

Strong roles portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Therone.

The movie starts with the military informing a father about his son going AWOL. AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) is a term used in English-speaking armed forces. Tommy Lee Jones goes to investigate his son’s disappearance and what unfolds over the rest of the movie gives us a clear picture of the trauma and mental instability of the young soldiers.

This movie doesn’t try to make a hero of the main character whose death is being investigated, but gives a true picture of events.

A very touching movie which leaves us aware of certain after effects of Iraq war which would have gone unknown had it not been for such great movies.

Hats off to Paul Haggis for making this movie.

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Two good movies

Last week we saw 2 good movies back to back.

Road to Perdition – Starring Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig etc.

A nice movie and if I put it in my cousins words “A movie with many layers”. It was an interesting movie which showed the emotions of a father protecting his son from entering into the mafia world. A story narrated by a son,about his life experiences and about his relation with his father.

Rendition – Starring Meryl Streep, Omar Metwally, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal etc.

A good movie. Rendition is a movie based on the extraordinary rendition by CIA based on which a suspect is deported to a secret detention facility outside US in order to extract information. After the terrorist attack on the twin towers it is believed that there has been many similar cases.

This movie is well taken intertwining scenes from two time spans… and we come to know of this only in the end of the movie. There are many characters around which the story revolves – the plight of a pregnant women fighting to get information about his missing Egyptian husband who was on the flight back home, though all the information has been erased.A friend who is trying his best to find information of his missing friend. A father who is searching for his missing daughter. A US official who is forced to be part of the torture procedures. A terrorist who fights for the cause he believes in. A girl who is caught between her terrorist boy friend and her strict father. A senior US official who signs the proceedings of the deportation and torture.

Note: All the comments are my personal opinion and I do not guarantee it to be correct. Please read the review at your own risk.

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The sound of Boot

Sounds like an interesting title isn’t it?.. yes this is the name of the lastest Suresh Gopi starring release, directed by Shaji Kailas.

After a long time, we made this trip to PVR to watch a malayalam movie. My sweetheart loves malayalam movies, anything other than the non-commercial type movies and when he heard that this one is released he was busy selling it to me for a weekend outing. I love to make him happy and so we went on saturday morning and booked the ticket for the same day evening 7.30 show. BTW did you guys know that they have a movie ticket vending machine at PVR.. cool ..not bad.. just select the movie, the seat and swipe the card and spat comes out the ticket… cool isn’t it.

After a long nap.. i rather not call that nap.. a long sleep in the evening, we got ready for going to the movie. Since the past few days Bangalore has been cloudy and cool, and rain began the same time we left our was raining cats and dogs and I love going out in rain, provided I am not getting wet in any dirty muddy water.. and this was one such outing.. we strategically took the far off gate to enter Forum, just in case the other one was closed since the parking could be full. We got a good parking and reached for the movie well ahead in time though the drive took long cause of the extra traffic jam due to rain.

While waiting for the movie to begin, we got to meet our college friends.. so the movie trip was even better fun, chatting up with them for long time before and after the movie.

Now getting on to the story.. It was a “so so” types… a typcial homicide investigation types…. better when compared to some other recent movies of Suresh Gopi. I hate movies with rape and violence on women, so I disliked this movie just for that aspect.. otherwise it was an ok types.. if lucky this movie would break even in terms of profits in the market.

Overall a very nice saturday night. We got back home and watched “Namaste London” VCD and dosed off…..I just love weekends.

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Tamil movies

In the initial days of my career I was based at Chennai and I used to regularly watch the hit tamil movies. But after shifting base from Chennai I have not seen many Tamil movies. These days we do try and pick some hit tamil movie DVD’s. There are some really good tamil movies being made these days.

Some of the movies we recently saw are Khaka Khaka, Gajani, Satham podathee, Vetayadu Vilayadu, Kandukonden Kandukonden and Mozhi.

**** I liked the movie Khaka khaka for the boldness of the character played by Jyotika. Also Jyotika and Surya make a beautiful pair. I became a big fan of Surya after watching this movie. The fact that the ending of the movie was not great was a big disappointment. Overall enjoyed the movie for the beautiful people, the melodious songs and the freshness of the story.

**** Good thing that I got to watch Gajani, cos these days we get hear that Amir is doing a remake of Gajani and I am no longer clueless as to which movie they are referring to. I disliked the violence in the movie, then again I liked it for the handsome hunk Surya. I also liked the role played by Hasin. I did not like Nayan Tara’s role cos she somehow did not seem to fit the character and looked a bit too heavy for the role. Overall the movie had the freshness of being a different story from what we have been seeing all these years which was nice, but then I was surprised to see the similarity in both these movies in terms of the tragedy and sad ending of the main characters.

*** Satham podathee – We keep picking the movies in which Prithviraj acts just cos we both are a fan of his acting and movies. This movie got me to know about the term Alchohol anonymous. Being from a non medical background I did not know that such a term was used to refer to achohol addicts going through de-addiction. The movie dragged a bit throughout. The story had a good message.

**** Mozhi – another good movie with a sweet message. With each movie of Jytohika, my liking for her acting skills keep increasing. I loved prithviraj in this movie and also prakash raj and the 2nd heroin.. I cant remember her name.

**** Kandukondein kandukondein was a very nice movie, which we missed watching at the time it was released.. a very good watch and a very good story with strong characters and good script. Tabu and Aishwarya have strong charaters to play in this movie.

*** Vetayadu vilayadu – an unusual movie with a different story line..story of pshychopaths and homicide… some what in the lines of a hollywood movie.. which can’t be watched in the presence of kids since they show lot of violence. Could have called it a great watch if it had been half an hour shorter. Kamalahasan looks very young for his age.

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Rollercoaster ride

Usually I stay alone at home when P goes on his official trip, but since the past many months one of my cousin comes over and stays with me or else I go and stay with my friends.

Recently, after a long time, I stayed at home alone over a weekend since P was out of town. I enjoy staying alone once in a while, spending my time cooking stuff i enjoy & watching movies i like.

So I spent 2 fun days watching movies and lazing on the couch. This is the review of some of the movies I saw while at home on my own.

** The story of us

The outline – Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfieffer play a married couple who go through hard times in fifteen years of marriage.

Some how I was not convinced by their issue, probably I could not relate to it. I felt 15 years is too long a time for such issues to creep into a marriage. Also the ending was abrupt with all issues coming to an end in a blink.

A bad watch.

*** Before Sunrise

The outline – A young man(Ethan Hawk) and woman(Julie Delphy) meet on a train in Europe, and wind up spending one romantic evening together in Vienna. Unfortunately, both know that this will probably be their only night together.

This was a good watch not great. Some element of magic which I expected in a romantic movie was missing, but certainly this was a different kind of romantic story and the ending leaves the audience with the hope that they both would finally live happily ever after.

A good watch

**** Bounce

The outline – A man(Ben Affleck) switches plane tickets with another man who dies in that plane in a crash. The man falls in love with the deceased one’s wife(Gwyneth paltrow).

This film was taken very well and shows plight of this man very well and then how he later falls in love with this lady and how the events turn out in his life… I loved this movie..but at times felt that Ben Affleck could have done a better job.

A very good watch.

**** The Great Debaters

The outline – A drama based on the true story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor at Wiley College Texas. In 1935, he inspired students to form the school’s first debate team, which went on to challenge Harvard in the national championship

I always love the movies made based on true story. I feel this gives a chance to the incidents that made a mark in history to brought in front of the common public via the fastest medium of movies. Denzel Washington always has been one of favorites, I like him for the justice he does to the character he plays. This was one another of that kind. Overall the movie goes slow, but then it gives goose bumps when we know that we are seeing a scene which actually happened. This movie also covers racism and a new word I learned from this movie is “Lynching”(To execute without due process of law, especially to hang, as by a mob).

A very good watch.

*** Nancy Drew

The outline – Teen detective Nancy Drew (Roberts) accompanies her father on a business trip to Los Angeles, where she happens upon clues to a murder mystery involving a movie star.

I think P got this movie for me. It was a trip back down the memory lane to the teenage days when we used to read Nancy Drew novels. This is a typical kids movie. I enjoyed it though. Also the mystery that was solved was interesting.

A good watch.

Lot more reviews to come. Month of January has been busy watching movies and I am myself surprised to see the long list of movies that were covered this year.

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Twist of the tale

***Dus Kahaniyan ( Hindi movie )
This new year eve we got together with some friends and watched this movie while relishing good tandoori dishes and interesting mocktails. I liked most of the stories. Some stories had very simple interesting anti-climax and a very good message. 7 out of the 10 stories are very good. My favorite story was the one about a dying man telling the story of his affair with the neighbouring flat lady and how it ended. I got the feel of watching the short stories collection similar to “Twist of the tale” of Jeffrey Archer.

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Touched my heart

These days I have been busy and have not been able to do many posts but very soon will be back to my painting and other activities.

So far this year has been busy with lots of movie watching, mostly DVD’s or CD’s in the evenings. I thought I should start putting down my commments on these movies while it is still fresh in my mind. The views expressed here are strictly my own opinion about the movie, your perpective may be different.

Thought I will give some stars to show my rating

***** – Excellant
**** – Very good
*** – Good
** – Bad
* – Very Bad

***** Taare Zameen Par ( Hindi movie )
The much awaited directorial Debut of Amir khan! Excellant acting by Darsheel who enacted Ishaan Awasti. He should be awarded the best actor and not the best child artist for the year. Amir has always been my favorite, and this time also he has done an amazing role. He has once again proved that he is a perfectionist. The movie was very touching and at the same time made me feel light and happy at the end. It was also an eye opener for me and I hope for many others who did not know much about the dyselxia or learning disorder. The touching scenes that brought tears to my eyes are Ishaan crying in the hostel bathroom, Ishaan’s expression on completing the painting and seeing his picture was drawn my his teacher and the final hugging scene.

Hats off to Amir for TZP!

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