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Yippeee… i learnt swimming!

It was my resolution for 2009, which I could not keep.. however in 2010 i could learn swimming.

In june of 2010 I met my friends who inspired me a lot to learn swimming and at the same time I received some pamphlet advts of swimming courses., so I got out in search of some places with swimming classes near my locality and to my luck I found one pretty close to my home, which is just 10 minutes walk from my home. I enrolled and got myself the required gear. The classes were from 7.15 to 8.15 am which made sure that my routine job was not affected.

The class was fun , and I was joined by some enthusiastic lady students.. we learnt to float and do some swimming by holding our breathe in just 3 days… and then it was just a matter of practice and learning to breath at the right time. The back stroke is my favourite since I do not have to worry about my breathing. My legs easily ached when I try to cover the length of the pool.. I think I need to practice a lot to improve my stamina….I think its due to the clotting that happened in my legs and foot during my DVT episode that my legs have poor stamina… even now if I exert it aches as though they blood vessels in my leg is not getting enough oxygen.

I still have to practice a lot to become a descent swimmer, I know to do free style and back stroke, I have tried to learn breast stroke but not yet got the rhythm of it.. when I go to the pool ( i use my friends club membership and go to a nearby pool) and see small kids swimming so smoothly like fishes I am awestruck.. they do it so well….I wish I had learnt swimming when I was younger…but then it’s not good to crib over the past, it’s better to live the present and enjoy the future..

My hubby swims but in the conventional way, not the professional way.. so he keeps his nose above the water at all times and his capacity is poor, he doesn’t have the stamina to cover much.. my next agenda is to teach him swimming.. it’s not an easy task since he is very paranoid of hygiene and its difficult for him to find a good pool as per his standards..I will teach him soon…

Love u a lot my dear, you encouraged me to learn swimming and I am glad I finally I wanna see you swim well as well..!

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Writer’s block

Since the past many days I have not posted anything on my blogs. My conclusion is that I am going through a writer’s block. a block in creative outflow of ideas or thoughts … Hope to come out of this soon and become active in blogging.

Or is it because i am busy with other activities? Days pass so quickly with me busy with my usual activities. I have also begun stitching some embroidary on saree’s.

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My Resolution for year 2009

I have only one resolution for this year.. and that is to learn swimming.

Most of the other habits/goals I would like to incorporate/achieve in life, I am already following… small things like exercise regularly, keeping of accounts on spending, keeping house clean etc… ha ha ha.. am not bad. So I thought I should focus of try to enrol for some swimming course.

I realise that it is not going to be an easy goal. The reasons being… in order to enrol for a swimming course we need to identify a really good swimming pool where hygiene and safety is of highest priority. My hubby is very clear that if a course in swimming would lead to falling sick due to water born viruses or exposure to cold, then it is not worth learning swimming. If I can find a female companion to join me in this venture, then I would feel more positive towards achieving it.

Let me begin my ground work on identifying a good facility with hope and prayers that before the end of 2009 I would be comfortable in swimming.

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Twenty 20

Onam 2008 saw the release of a superhit malayalam movie which was packed with all the superstars of malayalam “Twenty Twenty”. This movie was produced by Dileeep and I hear that 1 crore from the profits get contributed too “AMMA” and also that all the actors from the malayalam film industry who belong to “AMMA” were part of the movie for free.

I loved the movie. Saw it in Nov 2008. We went to watch it with my uncle and wife and daughter at the kothamangalam theater. There is this new theater there which never existed during my college days. This theater has got posh seats and good AC. Overall the entire movie was a great experience but for the fact that we missed few initial minutes of the movie as we were late in getting seated.

Mamooty and Mohanlal are the star attractions in the movie and they both have done their role so well…no one can beat them when it comes to acting. They both look so glamorous for their age. I also liked many other characters like Swaraj Venaramood, Jagathi, Innocent, Kavya Madhavan, Dileep, jayaram, Sureshgopi etc. The comedy, the twist in the story and the competition between Mamooty , Mohanlal and SureshGopi etc keep the fans at the edge of their seat.

I got one more chance to watch this movie in Dec 2008. This time with my hubby and his family. We all went to Muvatupuzha theater, I think its name is Issacs. Once again enjoyed watching all my favorite actors on screen.

Check out more details here

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Tomorrow is yet another day

I watched the all time classic “Gone with the wind” once again recently. Each time I watch this movie it feels fresh and the character portrayed by Vivean leah – Scarlett O Hara, stands out with all its positive and negative characteristics.

Its been a long time since I blogged… was busy welcoming 2009 😉  which is yet another year…as Scarlett put it.

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Nature Cure

That is the typical naturopathy lunch as provided at Cardinal Padiyara Nature Cure & Yoga Ashram. The major portion of the lunch is that of salads and vegetables of different type provided along with rice or ragi putt.

Yes, I spent 15 days at Nature Cure in order to shift to a healthier diet and lifestyle. I am putting to practice the new lifestyle to a great extend. Now I do 1 hr of yoga daily. I have stopped the intake of tea or coffee. I have shifted to a mainly vegetarian diet without sugar and minimal fat. I also do not take any junk food or bakery items. I have also increased the intake of fruits. It is overall a good change and feeling good about it. It will take some more months to see if all these positive changes lead to a drastic positive change in my life.

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My good friend from college days is commencing his first movie project tomorrow.

Wishing Ranjith the very best in completing this venture successfully and making a grand entry into the malayalam film world. The movie is named – Passenger

All the best Ranjith!

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Onam this year..

I know I have been lazy and inactive… I started many posts however never completed any of them… had been busy in the past few months..

Another Independance day came and went, I did not even sit back and think of the significance of independance in the current situation of terror attacks. However there was one significance for the independance day this year. I decided to take a break from work and relax and my break began on this independance day. Surprisingly I did not feel any pinch on my work life coming to a stop( even though it is only for a while), which means I needed this break. Hoping to do some good value add during this break.

This time I spent Onam with folks at my home. This was not a planned vacation, just happened because my husband had to be away on work and I could not be on my own at our house. So right now I am having a good break at my native with folks. I will gradually get into action on the blogging front also.

So Onam was spent with a nice onam sadhya on plantain leaf, with many dishes and a great payasam as dessert. Also my mom bought me new dress.

To understand more about Onam – the nationl festival of Kerala, please visit this link.

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Walking to a healthy life

Hey one news I forgot to update….we purchased a treadmill sometime back.

We both try and walk regularly.. and we are hoping to walk much more regularly as the routine sets in.

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Vishu sadhya this year….

Vishu was great this year….though it was on a working day, we celebrated it on the Sunday instead of monday.

Last year we had gone in search of a good Vishu Sadhya in Bangalore, and couldn’t find one, however this year we were lucky. This sweet couple, our dear friends called us over for a full fledged Vishu Sadhya.

For me Vishu means Vishukkanni, Vishu Kaineettam, Vishu Kodi and finally to end it all a superb Vishu Sadhya with variety of Payasams.

Vishu is the first of Medam – astronomical new year day of Kerala, which all malayalees start auspiciously by viewing the Vishukanni which includes articles like rice, konna poova, coins, betel leaves etc arranged before hand in the pooja room. In our part of Kerala, we also burst crackers.

This year my parents posted me a new dress set and Vishu Kaineetam for both of us. We made nice semiya payasam and went to our friends place for a nice Sadhya. So this Vishu I had a nice feast along with 3 payasams – Pazham prathaman, parripu payasam and semiya payasam.

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