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Dear Friends I am glad to update that I have become a certified Software Quality Analyst.

This is the mail I got……

Dear Sangeetha Sankar,

Congratulations on passing the CSQA exam. You now join thousands of other IT professionals who have proven their competence in the software quality industry by earning the internationally-recognized CSQA.


This is the first time I am taking a better known certification. Many years back I had taken a National stock exchange certification which I can not recall right now…
I am not too sure how benificial this would be for my career.. but then the learning that went into getting certified is always a value add.

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Tamil movies

In the initial days of my career I was based at Chennai and I used to regularly watch the hit tamil movies. But after shifting base from Chennai I have not seen many Tamil movies. These days we do try and pick some hit tamil movie DVD’s. There are some really good tamil movies being made these days.

Some of the movies we recently saw are Khaka Khaka, Gajani, Satham podathee, Vetayadu Vilayadu, Kandukonden Kandukonden and Mozhi.

**** I liked the movie Khaka khaka for the boldness of the character played by Jyotika. Also Jyotika and Surya make a beautiful pair. I became a big fan of Surya after watching this movie. The fact that the ending of the movie was not great was a big disappointment. Overall enjoyed the movie for the beautiful people, the melodious songs and the freshness of the story.

**** Good thing that I got to watch Gajani, cos these days we get hear that Amir is doing a remake of Gajani and I am no longer clueless as to which movie they are referring to. I disliked the violence in the movie, then again I liked it for the handsome hunk Surya. I also liked the role played by Hasin. I did not like Nayan Tara’s role cos she somehow did not seem to fit the character and looked a bit too heavy for the role. Overall the movie had the freshness of being a different story from what we have been seeing all these years which was nice, but then I was surprised to see the similarity in both these movies in terms of the tragedy and sad ending of the main characters.

*** Satham podathee – We keep picking the movies in which Prithviraj acts just cos we both are a fan of his acting and movies. This movie got me to know about the term Alchohol anonymous. Being from a non medical background I did not know that such a term was used to refer to achohol addicts going through de-addiction. The movie dragged a bit throughout. The story had a good message.

**** Mozhi – another good movie with a sweet message. With each movie of Jytohika, my liking for her acting skills keep increasing. I loved prithviraj in this movie and also prakash raj and the 2nd heroin.. I cant remember her name.

**** Kandukondein kandukondein was a very nice movie, which we missed watching at the time it was released.. a very good watch and a very good story with strong characters and good script. Tabu and Aishwarya have strong charaters to play in this movie.

*** Vetayadu vilayadu – an unusual movie with a different story line..story of pshychopaths and homicide… some what in the lines of a hollywood movie.. which can’t be watched in the presence of kids since they show lot of violence. Could have called it a great watch if it had been half an hour shorter. Kamalahasan looks very young for his age.

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